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Oooookaaay XD so you made Springs into a woman.. xD My my this scared me when I first saw this I mean like, a creepy scary zombie anima...

Oh... My glob... This is the most amazing thing I have ever seen in the whole entire FREAKIN world! I love how you did on the skelebros...

wat wat wat wat wat wat wat wat wat wat wat wat wat wat wat wat wat... Anywas... EW WUA DU DU DU ADSJSUNSMSKMIS,KS,KMCICMIDMU FRIIICK! ...

Yup... critiques... I dont know how this works..

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My " art " will go on...


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i know its too much but.. well.... ( sighs )

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Heyo guys Aj here and back on track! 
So I am bored as usual, XD and then I started to think about something, 
so then I was all like "HOW ABOUT A RANDOMNESS CONTEST?!?!?! XD" 
So then I started here XD

So whats the contest all about? 

So its all about drawing with using these "Draw your squad bases" YESS THE ONES THAT ARE FUNNY, CRINGEY AND EVERYTHING XD! 

So all you need to do is to find the perfect draw your squad base (Even if its not coloured its ok) 

Person who goes in: 

1st place will win an art from me! (It could be requests) And 15 points! 
2nd place will win an art trade from me! And 10 points!! 
3rd place will win only 5 points! 

I will have as many contestants as I can, I'll write them down here! 

[number of people who joined: 5]

1.) FashioNoble 
2.) DGartist13
3.) Inkdrop10
4.) manuelcastle 
5.) SweetCottonPandry

People who finished: 

We Bin Drinkin! 

draw your squad contest

Draw your squad contest


HttydatAJ's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hi, Im HttydatAJ!
Chaisey pagedoll by HttydatAJ

I'm a girl who is a bit reckless, a bit emotional, and all that stuff... I have about 18 Ocs in total! And I'm going to create more in the future... Nevermind about my Ocs... Im actually more of a... I dunno... A weird kid with skills???
Also I am a bit stupid in math.. XD
I usually have a lot to do so HERE WE GO!

My dA fam!

Note:If I had forgotten someone tell me in the comment section below
:iconninjakitteh97: , :iconvexisduhast: , :iconxxbluelightmoonxx1: , :iconbrokenheartangel25: , :iconkittystar43: , :icongeekyalexx13: , :iconsweetcottonpandry: , :icondark-leonardo: , :icontildeberry: , :iconkiba-otto-bunny: (DAYUMMM your sister is here! XD) , :iconnichelle-shell-m: , :iconaeowyyn:

And my bun bun :iconsonsiemcdash: ! >w<

Anyways, I am only available for:



Yup only them, but guys, just one at a time on requests... I actually get stressed out a lot... You know... Yeah sooo anyways, I'm not used to the social 'face-to-face' thing soooo yeah... I actually dont like meeting up with people offline, or... Maybe... Just maybe...

Anyways, I am mostly active ( not on my club/group )
I used to be active once, for a VERY VERY VERY long time... Yup, almost had a bad time... And for that I mean, I was about to fall asleep... XD...


Oh, and also, check out my Journal history if you want to see something, OR check my status update!!!
Sooo yeah, not much of something your thinking but... I dont know... Anyways, good mornin, or evening... /:T anyways (shrugs) even if Zaruca is a timeline Dragoness, she cant tell what time is it... XD...

I LOVE Undertale Stamp by slayer-plz PvZ Stamp: I love Dr. Zomboss by Shadow-Cipher Robbie fan by HttydatAJ

besides, aren't we all the same?

Anyways, gotta go.... Bye!!!

My other accounts, not in computer ofcourse Lol:

aka MINI ME!

Also, its my "BRAG" or "BRING THE GOOD NEWS" account!
XD but it cant upload or comment, needs vertification!
Anyways... LOL

Chainbolt Cyborg page doll by HttydatAJ

Profile pic made by :iconvexisduhast: THANK YOU SO FLIPPING MUCH SQUEEE!!!
(Sorry if your art is not there at the profile pic Xd I just wanted to use a new one XD)
Icon still choosing! XD If you want to make one for me then I'll accept it!

Meet Max/Aj!

The Aj Pagedoll! by HttydatAJ Aj Pagedoll 2 by HttydatAJ lil' Aj (Page doll3) by HttydatAJ


Salvonic - Epoch ( pg. 1 )
Based of from, Salvonic's Epoch, but it was remixed by ThelivingTombstone. 
In this song, I am going to be using SuicidalMax aka Aui, a Max that describes my sadness.
Beasty, Sit!
Im literally having fun drawing Beasty nd making her my main character
Heyoo peeps I got back from watching a movie, its called "Train to Busan". 

The thing is.. This makes me want to cry, this movie is so beautiful. Peeps, please comment down your thoughts about the movie. I AM CRYING FOR REAL! :( :cry:
We gotta get out
So I am more of a random fandom peep XD, I like Tattletail I like Fnaf I like UT I like everything! especially hello neighbor, so I made myself aka Aj the sister of the player xD 


Player - Al' aka Aj's older brother. 
Neighbor - Mart ( since this is just one of my Aus, Mart has to be a single man, he does not have a wife in this Au ) 
Sister - Aj aka me XD
Beasty's reference sheet.
I made  this just to let you know about a few things of Beasty. XD


Digital art
Idk how commissions work again XD Anyways feel the freedom of having a life time of your character or OC being in digital art! :3
Undercurse Characters
Okay I know its only the head but you can just make one for Undercurse... Since I love this AU of my own, and Im proud of it!

This one can be cheap... Just cheap
half bodies
So, for this one, half bodies can be both Traditional ( drawn on paper ) and digital ( drawn on computer ) feel free to make a commission 
full body
full body on paper
Just some random things
Make it a commission!

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legocreepers1234 Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2017  Student Filmographer
request: can you remake this:… but my loud house character:… and my gf's loud house chracter: she has a hat and brown hair and glasses, and my friend mike's loud house character:… same pose and same clothes for all the chracters in the picture, and please hurry, I need it done by 7:30 pm.
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